-Where is the departure spot for the boat excursions to Hytra?

Captain Spiros’s Glass Bottom boat, departs from the pier at Kapsali, the southern beach of the island.

-Is there any parking near the pier?

An indicated one for the boat, no. You can park your vehicle at the Kapsali area.

-Do I need to carry my own gear?

Not necessarily. There are some available masks on board but if you have your own goggles/masks, feel free to bring them along.

-How long is the tour?

A total of two hours.

-What does the excursion to Hytra include?

Departure, arrival and the swimming tour inside the cave by our Captain. If the weather is not suitable for a swim inside, then Captain Spiros will take you to the close by, of indescribable beauty, beach of Kiriakoulou for you to enjoy your swimming.

-In which language is the tour being given?

Mostly in the language of fun and adventure. Oh, yes, in Greek, too. For our foreign friends we have detailed pamphlets with all the info of the tour in English, French and Italian.

Is there an age limit?

Nope. Everyone is welcome aboard Captain Spiros’s boat. Pay attention, though. Spiros is a Captain, not a babysitter, so all children are under the supervision of their guardians.

-Is there a reduced ticket?

The ticket’s price is 20€ per person. Only exception are children 3 – 7 years old, in which case, the price is 10€ per child. Children 0-3 years old are free. 

-How much does the boat rock?

Somewhere in between Scorpions and Queen. All routes are scheduled based on the weather. In case of an unsuitable weather, you’ll be notified by us.

I am not a very good swimmer. Is that okay?

As my grandmother would say, everything is okay, except for the beans were they’re not properly cooked. Captain Spiros has cared for those fairly swimmers and has lifesavers for their convenience.

How can I reserve a seat?

Now we’re talking! Captain Spiros is pro human communication so all bookings are done via telephone ( +306974022079).

-How many days in advance should I book the tour?

Since every route is weather dependable, each day we only book for the next day’s schedule.

-Are pets allowed?

We are sorry to let you know that your beloved pets will have to stay behind and happily shake their tails when they see you return.

-Are there any trips to Elafonisos?

Scheduled, no. Large companies of people, groups and the rest of the romantic teams will have to call for further details and agreements.

-We are an organized group named “Shake the Blossomed Almond Tree” (sic) and we want to schedule a group tour. Is that possible?

I am going to quote my nanna again and say that “Everything is possible, my child”. Group bookings can be made upon request.

-Are there any routes to the island’s beaches?

With good will, anything can happen. In any case, every other request for a sea excursion besides Hytra is made upon agreement.